Top 15 Adorable Free Printable Valentine’s For School

Cuteness is all around us this time of the year and I LOVE it.

When I was little I was always super excited to pick out a box of prepackaged Valentine cards that everyone else has in class. Now that I’m older I am obsessed with those little Valentine’s that are special, unique and never seen!

So… I searched (for a really long time) for some of the most adorable Printable Valentine Tags that are FREE and I put them together for you right here. Your little one will have the most unique Valentine’s in class! Just download the tags, print and cut! Super simple!

Here we go…


Glues To My Crafts put this super cute Stuck On You Gift Tag together for you! This is  must for the little crafter.


My Frugal Adventures dreamed up this Hope You Have A Colorful Valentine Tag that is perfect for your most colorful artist.


Cupcake Diaries put these sweet Soda You Wanna Be My Valentine Tag together for you. Every kid loves soda which make these perfect.


Pitter and Glink made these Bugs and Hisses Valentine Tags for us. These are really awesome because when searching for ideas I found plenty of girly ones, so these ones made me super happy!


Hello Design Meet Life designed these Dino-Mite tags. Every kid is dino fan so you can’t go wrong with these. Plus… they are kinda vintage which I love.


Bloom Designs is all the cuteness with these You Make My Heart Pop tags. You can do so many different things with these tags and the popcorn recipe looks super yummy.


Celebration Lane put these Milk and Cookies tags together. Seriously though… what goes together like milk and cookies? Not much…. plus they are cookies!  Can’t go wrong.



Wit & Wander made me so happy with these Star Wars Valentine Cards. I know I am just starting this blog but you will very soon find out that I am OBSESSED with all things Disney. I had to put at least one Disney printable on my top 15.


Celebration Shoppe put these StarBURST printables together. These cards are super bright and are really inexpensive. Just print these cards, buy a bag of Starburst and attach.


I Heart Naptime (love this blog name) made these classic Lego tags for us. I really like the Lego crayons she made in the blog post. She even has the directions to make them there too!


Simple As That put together these perfectly colored Have A Rockin’ tags together. These are perfect for all kids. They think the popping is so fun.


Yellow Bliss Road made these adorable Happy Valentine’s Day tags. These printables can be used for anything.


Pink Peppermint Design made these Kool-Aid tags for the coolest of kids. They are super affordable and come in a variety of colors. Love!


Any Tots designed these S’more Fun treat tags for us. Who doesn’t love s’mores! You can make these little bags with different styles of the 3 famous ingredients. So cute!


View From The Fridge put these You’re Awesome Sauce treat tags together and I am loving them. Since my first substituting job was a long-term preschool class these are super special to me. I know my preschoolers would have loved these. You can use these convenient applesauce pouches or applesauce cups. This is a favorite of mine!

I hope this makes your Valentine hunting a bit easier. Comment and let me know if you use any of these adorable tags and how they turned out. I know you will love them.

Megan Dao

The Animated Classroom




Substitute Teachers Need This FREE Printable

I have been a substitute teacher for about 5 months now and I love it.

When I long-term subbed a preschool class I had a few substitutes come in when I was on vacation and boy was I happy when notes about how the day went were left for me. There were also times where no notes were left and I caught myself wondering how the day went when I wasn’t there.

Of course, when you ask preschoolers how they were for the substitute teacher they will more than likely say how well they did. I’m sure most of the time they were but having the validation from the substitute was great. I was also able to tell those that did great how proud I was of them for following directions while I was gone.

On Monday I start substitute teaching for all classes K-12 and I can’t wait. I plan to leave a “While You Were Out” note for each teacher. On this form I will give information about attendance, students who went above and beyond, students who needed redirection and any special notes I want the teacher to know about. Also, my personal information will be on the form so teachers can personally contact me about substitute jobs they may have. The district I work for pays more when you work in the same classroom multiple times a year. For example, if I work 5 days in the same classroom I get an additional “x” amount of dollars per a day and if I work 10 days in the same classroom I get “x” amount additional per a day.

I of course printed my “While You Were Out” forms on Astrobrights paper to make them really pop. Plus, what teacher doesn’t love Astrobrights paper.

Here is your “While You Were Out” FREE printable Substitute Notes to leave for teacher EDITABLE

I hope these work for you!

Let me know if you are going to use these when working in different classes or maybe you will leave them for your substitute teachers to fill out.

Happy Substituting

Megan Dao

How To Color Rice

You can use rice for so many different things in the classroom no matter the grade. I know you can purchase colored rice but that can get pretty expensive… I saw a 10lb. bag of Neon colored rice on Amazon for almost $50.00! What the heck! As teachers we don’t have the funds to spend $50.00 on rice. That is insane! You can make a 10lb. bag of colored rice for about $8.00 and it only takes around 5 minutes to make.

Here is a quick little tutorial on how I made some pink rice for an upcoming Valentine’s Sensory Bin.


What you need

  • Bag of Rice (I used long grain rice. The Walmart brand 10lb. bag was only $5.54)
  • Food Coloring (I used Americolor Deep Pink. Any grocery store food coloring will work)
  • Gallon Size Plastic Bag
  • Glove or Spoon (to spread rice)
  • Parchment or Non-Stick Paper
  • Tray

Why do I have such a big bottle of food coloring you ask? Fun fact, I owned a bakery for 3 years. I have pretty much every color you can think of! Its pretty cool.

First things first, add the amount of rice you will need into your gallon sized bag. I used 5lb’s. of the rice for the sensory bin I’m putting together.

Add a few drops of food coloring to the bag. I think it’s best to start light and add as you go. It’s harder to make it lighter but much easier to add a little extra coloring when needed.

Now the fun part.. SHAKE, SHAKE and SHAKE. Continue o shake until you feel like you have all the coloring evenly dispersed.

I wanted my rice a darker pink so I added a few more drops of coloring. It was actually a little more than a few drops because I knew the color I was looking for and I feel pretty comfortable working with food color.

I’m sure you can guess what you do now! That’s right… SHAKE, SHAKE and SHAKE!

Be careful… the bag may open up when shaking. Just pick your rice pieces up and continue to shake.

After shaking I decided to add just a little bit more coloring for a darker pink.

Once you get a color you like lay the rice down on a tray with parchment paper on it for drying. The rice may feel like it’s already dry right after shaking but I would rather give it a little drying time then have little hands walking around the classroom with food coloring on them.

MY rice was completely ready to go and fully dry after about 30 minutes. Super simple! I am going to prep every color so it’s ready to go. There is nothing like having a colorful and fun tool ready to go!

I hope that this tutorial helps your out. Do you use colored rice in the classroom or do you plan to? Let me know in the comments section and don’t for to follow me on Instagram: TheAnimatedClassroom and subscribe to my blog!

Happy Coloring!

Mrs. Dao